More Fruit!

These watermelons look plenty tasty. I only buy them if we're having a party or something , it's too difficult for two people to eat an entire melon. They are quite tempting though!


The fruit stand has some tasty looking specimens on offer. My huband and I recently bought an orange press, so we've been making our own juice. Most everything tastes better when it comes from the stand - they haven't let me down yet. I'm sure the oranges and grapefruit won't be any different.

As you can see, I've changed the look of my blog. I'm still not sure if this will be the final version, but any tips, advice would be welcome.

Before and After

Here's an intermediate look at the new surge arrester warehouse. Remember what it looked like before?

There are still more pallettes and boxes to come, but things are certainly moving along! I'll post a final picture when the whole project is finished next week.

PS: I have a phone interview for a new job today. Please send good thoughts my way. I already have a really good feeling about it.

Last Look at Basil's

I couldn't resist photographing this colorful wall mural. Although it's not really a coffee place, the colored cups are nice.

Inside Basil's

Basil's is a relaxed restaurant, somewhat of a deli style, although they did provide a full-service three course meal for our dinner theater. Their specialty is sandwiches - especially panini. Everything is made fresh daily, including the bread (which is delicious).

I'm sure this place gets crowded at lunchtime. They're in a prime spot, just on the edge of downtown, to get the lunch crowds from the offices and hospitals in the area. Perhaps one day I'll be able to talk my husband into taking me up there. Until then, I've got a few more weeks to wait until our next show at Basil's!

New Arrival!

Lately my laptop has been running hot and slow, so one day I just decided to trade it in for a newer model. Here it is... a flamingo pink Dell XPS 1530. So far, I'm very happy with it - it's light, fast and not too hot.

Back to your regularly scheduled photos tomorrow.

At the PO

Tonight my show with Mississippi Murder Mysteries opened at Basil's restaurant. Basil's is right next door to McDade's Market.

As someone mentioned, Basil's is on the site of the old Jackson Post Office. Eudora Welty previously used this very window to send in her manuscripts to her publishers. Pretty neat. I'll show you more of Basil's later this week.

PS: The show went really well. I got a lot of compliments on my acting which is encouraging because dinner theater shows are always a little silly on paper. I'm glad it went over well with the audience.