Expansion: Week 3

They're slowly, but surely making progress at the building site. They've been diligently digging the foundation out since last week and I'll bet it will be securely laid in a few more weeks. Once that's done, things seem to go pretty quickly. I'm still taking bets on the finishing date.

Twilight Swim

One thing I really enjoy is a nice swim. I find it so relaxing to be in the water. And it's lovely just before sundown because you don't have to load up on the suncream and all that bother. Luckily the weather here in Mississippi allows me to do that, but those days will probably be coming to an end soon. I'll enjoy it while I can though!

Fire Brigade

The fire trucks here in Ridgeland are yellow. I don't like that. I think all fire trucks should be red. And that's not just because red is my favorite color. Well, that's not the whole reason at least!

Big Rig

There are plenty of big rigs on the roads in Jackson, and they are really quite impressive. I hope to get a better pic one of these days.

Sunset on the Rez

I don't think this picture needs much narration. I caught this sunset on my way home from the golf course on Sunday. It really sinks fast these days.

Happy Birthday Brookshires!

This is something you would never see in Europe, a grocery store serving cake and punch to its clients to celebrate its 79th anniversary. Although I did not partake in the goodies, I thought it was a nice gesture.