Wired Reflections

The old capitol building reflected in the window of a cafe across the street.

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Golden Sky

A small patch of gold in the otherwise pink sky.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm off to New Orleans, hope you have fun wherever you are. Don't forget to click on the skywatch link to see more skies from around the world.

Liberty Bell

A close-up on the bell that stands in front of the Mississippi state capitol building. My mother-in-law is visiting us from Germany this week. I haven't had a lot of time for commenting, but I have taken a lot of new photos for this blog!

Old Doorway

The entrance into the former Madison-Ridgeland High School. The building is now owned by the city of Madison and is used as a "cultural" center. I don't know of any cultural events that actually go on here and a local theater group was denied usage of the old stage area. But I guess we must at least put up appearances of supporting culture and the arts.

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A close-up on some lovely pink impatiens.

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More of the Little Man

I just can't stop taking pictures of the hummers. How could you resist a sweet little man like this one? He was shaking off a bit of rain at the time this photo was taken. Even the drops would not keep him from his guard post at the feeder. I've seen at least three other little men vying for his spot, but he keeps them all at bay. I've tried telling him there's enough juice for everyone, but he doesn't listen.

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Confidential to my Mother-in-Law: Zum Geburtstag viel Gluck!

First Baptist and Mini

As promised, here's the "full frontal" of First Baptist Church of Madison. I actually took two shots, one with the Mini and one without. Somehow I think the Mini adds something. Happy Sunday!