Skywatch Friday

This is the sunset over Natchez Trace. We do have some beautiful skies here in Mississippi.

Happy Friday everyone - I'm glad it's here! To see more skies from around the world, click here.

October Theme Day: Contrast

Here's my entry for the theme day. Unfortunately, I was short on time and ideas so I went through my archives and tried to fit something for the theme instead of going out and shooting something specific. In any case, I do think it shows contrast - there's light and shadows. The photo was taken at the Pi(e) Lounge inside Sal and Mookie's pizzaria.

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Die Miternaechters

Besides the food and drink, there was plenty of other entertainment at the Germanfest - including the (locally) famous Miternaechters. We enjoyed a few stanzas of the Chicken Polka - known to Germans as the Duck Dance. There were even a few authentic German folk songs, although my husband had a hard time understanding their "southern" accents (and I'm not talking about Bavaria here). It was a lot of fun though and I applaud the band for wearing real lederhosen. I don't need to hear the chicken polka for awhile though. Once per year, or less, is plenty for me.


My husband and I finally made it to the Germanfest this year. The past two years, it has been the same weekend as the Viking Classic (the PGAs only stop in Mississippi) so we chose golf over beer and bratwurst. But I'm really glad we went this year.

It was not a large festival and I think my husband was probably the only authentic German there, but people seemed to be having a great time. Bales of hay were provided as seating, but some others brought their own chairs. This guy is obviously a Deutschophile - I just had to get a sly picture of him with his flag and the hat with all the real Oktoberfest flare.

Check back tomorrow for another look at Germanfest.


Lemuria Books is Jackson's one locally-owned bookshop. It's a nice place to shop for something different or special. It's also in the same building as Broadstreet Bakery - a place I've been hanging out at quite frequently before rehearsals because they make great cappuccinos and brownies. I'll have to get a picture of the barista over there sometime.

Our show opens this Friday. I must admit I'm feeling a bit nervous, but I think we're going to be fine. And it really is a great show and will give audiences something to think about afterwards.


Before I got the squirrel-proof feeder, I had a wooden feeder which I painted red. I noticed it often attracted hummingbirds (they like the bright color) but they were always disappointed to find that it wasn't really a source of food.

A few weeks ago I decided to test my luck with these tiny feathered friends and I bought a feeder and set up the camera and everything. I see them buzzing around the place constantly now, but it's been difficult to get a good shot of them because they move so fast - by the time the camera registers their presence, they're gone. Anyhow, I did finally catch one the other day and I think it's a pretty good photo. I present you with my ruby-throated backyard friend.