Bird Feeder

Thanks to fellow bloggers Abe and Dan, I've finally found the secret to attracting feathered friends to my backyard. I bought a double-sided shepherd's hook and a bird feeder filled with sunflower seeds and... voila the birds flocked to my backyard!

This morning I saw a beautiful red cardinal, a giant woodpecker, several mockingbirds, finches, sparrows... and this brother that I cannot identify. If anyone knows what kind of birdie this is, please let me know. Get ready for more bird photos to come. I may even have to buy a new camera to do the little guys justice.

Skywatch: Colonial Golf Club

This picture was taken this afternoon at the Colonial Golf Course. My husband and I are officially new members!

The sky was really weird today. At times it seemed like it would rain and then the sun would come out. This was a sunny moment, although the picture came out a little dark.

Check out some of the other skies around the world participating in skywatch.

Jerusalem Cafe

I love Mediterranean food, although I find it confusing when some people around here call hummus and felafel Greek.

When we first arrived in Jackson, one of my husband's co-workers offered to show us around town. Our first stop was his favorite bar - the hotel bar at the Hilton on County Line Road, not even a downtown hotel. They had live music with an Eric Clapton cover artist. Both my husband and I agreed, it was not an auspicious start!

After a few drinks, and plenty of conversation about himself, he said he wanted to take us to a great little Greek place. That did not sound promising to me, when I think of Greek food, roasted goat comes to mind. The food actually turned out to be the highlight of our evening. We stopped by Keifer's, a well-known hangout for students from Millsap's College. They have great hummus and felafel and lots of other Mediterranean stuff.

In any case, I had a craving for some baba ganouj a few days ago and decided to test the Jerusalem Cafe with a friend of mine. It was a bust - Keifer's has my business from now on!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This is a sampling of the different veggies and flowers I've planted. I've also planted quite a few bulbs - fresias, sparaxis... So far, nothing has come up. But I'm hoping something will soon. We have visitors from Germany set to arrive next week and I'd like to have some colorful flowers to greet them with!

Bye Bye Birdie!

My husband and I finally made the decision to change golf clubs. Although we are still members at Bay Pointe until the end of the month, we've probably played our last round there.

During our last round, we saw this blue heron. I think she wanted to say good-bye, or maybe, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Sunning Turtles

If you look closely, you'll see a line of turtles on the floating log. I often see them crowding onto the log to get some sun. They seem to be pretty good about sharing the space though.