Morning Glory

Awhile back my mother-in-law gave me some flower seeds from her garden to plant here in my yard. None of the seeds were marked, and it wouldn't have helped me much anyway since I don't know the translations of German flower names to English. So I've been having some fun planting things and seeing what pops up.

The first thing I noticed about this plant were the heart-shaped leaves. I couldn't wait to see what kind of flower would turn up. I finally found out that they're morning glories. I think I am going to replant them in the garden though as they won't get much support in this pot. I am hoping I can get them to grow up a tree. Or maybe on the fence.

I'll be back in Jackson tomorrow, but I hope you've enjoyed the auto posting. To see more flowers, click on the flowers link. And don't forget to visit Clytie's Random Hearts blog.


Olivier said...

un beau matin, avec ces fleurs.une belle couleur

lodolite said...

in italiano รจ: CONVOLVOLO.
bellissimi colori.
ciao simona

Lowell said...

Morning glories are glorious to wake up to!

DeniseinVA said...

Thank you for sharing your Morning Glories with us. They are beautiful! I like the idea of not knowing what those seedlings might produce, a nice surprise when the blooms finally appear.
An English Girl Rambles

Larry said...

Your morning glory looks a bit like the variety Grandpa Ott... if it is, you'll have seedlings from here to eternity so be careful where you plant it... we've spent years trying to eradicate them from certain areas of the garden. I don't know if other morning glories are so prolific or not but they are all very beautiful! Larry

Gunn said...