Murder on the Nile

Here's a look at one of the scenes from Murder on the Nile. I gave my camera to my husband and told him to film when I was onstage, but he forgot. :(
All of the actors, including myself, had a good time. It's too bad we only had one weekend of performances. But the audiences seemed to enjoy it and hopefully they'll be back for our next show!


Tanya Breese said...

Oh darn! I guess he was just too caught up in you to remember to catch a picture! I'm happy you had so much fun and maybe next time he'll remember your picture,lol :)

Olivier said...

j'espère que tu as grondé ton mari ;o) dommage, j'aurais bien aimé te voir sur scène. voilà un très beau souvenir pour toi
I hope that you told off your husband ;o) damage, I would have liked well to see you on stage. here is a very nice memory for you

Hilda said...

Aaw, what a thing to forget! I hope your group got an official photographer so you'll all have some souvenir shots of your performance.

I like the bold yellow and black colors of the set. And that trunk — I love it! Is it real or made by the props guys?

Z said...

Bad, bad husband!! :-) Do you have no photos of you on stage at all? That's a shame. :-(

Jilly said...

I love local theatre and this is a lovely photograph. Sorry your husband to forgot to film when ou were onstage. Send him to husband school! And I bet the audiences enjoyed it.

Halcyon said...

This is a photograph of me, but it is posed. We took a few shots after the show.

I actually got to die onstage in this play. I was shot. That was the part I wanted my hubby to film. I guess he was just too caught up in the story. I did get compliments on my death though. :)

Hilda: It is a real trunk. Someone found it at a garage sale! Amazing the treasures you can find if you're up for the digging.