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Sorry for the absence, but last week was quite busy for me.

1. I got chosen to serve on the jury of a civil case. The judge told us it would take no more than two days, we ended up being there all week!

2. I was performing in Murder on the Nile last weekend, so we had tech/dress rehearsals all week.

3. Wednesday was my birthday!

Thanks for all the comments and wishes. Now that I've had time to catch up on all my work that piled up last week, I should be able to make regular posts again. This is a look at hole seven at Deerfield Gold Course. My golf game has also been suffering from my time being concentrated elsewhere.


Olivier said...

on veut une photo des cadeaux ;o))
they want a photograph of presents ;o))

Halcyon said...

I didn't really get a lot of presents. My husband bought me a new golf pushcast, although it wasn't really a surprise since I picked it out and told the pro shop to hold it for him. :)

For some reason, I felt like I didn't enjoy my birthday as much this year as I usually do. I think I was too concentrated on the jury duty and the play to fully enjoy it. But there's always next year!

Janet said...

I wondered where you were! A very busy week and hope you had a happy birthday.