Le Rond Point de Jackson

Granted it's no Charles de Gaulle Etoile, but I was so excited when I first moved to Jackson and there at the exit/entrance to the airport was a traffic circle (or a round point, as I like to call them). I really love round points, but I didn't always feel that way. When I first moved to France, I couldn't understand why they didn't just put in stop signs. As I drove more and more, I began to see the real beauty of round points: if there's no traffic, you don't have to stop!

Unfortunately, most American drivers don't know how to take a round point and they come to a full stop anyway. It doesn't matter though. I still love driving through it. I even put on my blinker before entering the round point and before exiting, just the way I learned at driving school!

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Janet said...

Until recently, there were no circles around here. Now, a nearby city has added one downtown. To me, they are confusing!