Multi-Colored Blooms

These are the same kind of flower I showed you on Wednesday, just in a different mix of color. 

To see more flowers from around the world, visit Today's Flowers.


Lowell said...

A lovely bouquet to remind you of the glories of Jackson!

Elettra said...

Spring explodes with wonderful colorful flowers

brian stout said...

we got a storm that moved thru last night, which meant a nice peaceful slumber in a house with no power. but today everything seems fresh and clean =) LOVE spring!

Anonymous said...

They are dianthus and I have lots of them in our landscaping. They bloom all summer and return every year. Gran's garden has masses of them and I will try to take a picture while I'm there. Wish I had a better camera ;- )

Halcyon said...

Thanks Mum!
It's the Sweet William variety. :)